Remembering Writer Toni Morrison

Presidential Medal of Freedom and Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison, 88 passed away yesterday. She was an author, teacher and professor emeritus at Princeton University. I read many Toni Morrison books in high school as required reading so I liked her. I didn’t love her works until her interview with Oprah. Something sparked that day and I dug better into her works. Definitions belong to the definers, not The denied. Beloved, 1987

Russell Simmons Finally Speaks Out On Trump

Friendships can turn sour once you see your friends true colors. The saying goes, Money shows you someone’s true colors. I tend to disagree. I believe power does. Power shows true intention. Simmons shares his thoughts on Trump since he has taken office. How his expectations weren’t met, his extreme disappointment and disapproval. • • •Alexa, play The Carters’ Friends They pray, pray for me, See better things for me, want better days for me, unselfishlyWhenever I’m in need, they in the backseatThere ain’t no pride involved 🤷🏽‍♀️ Real friends are just different.

Emily B, The Stylist

Emily Bustamante made her reality television debut on LHH New York as the stylist of Derell Ravis. Since then she’s styled so many others including her significant other rapper, Fabolous. Celebrities like NeYo, Trey Songz. Lately, I wish that I could peek into her closet because she’s been giving LOOKS lately!

Karen Civil Plays Harder

We already know Karen Civil works hard, it’s good to know she plays harder. Civil’s 3rd Annual #LIVECivilDay is this Friday, July 13th at 3PM at the Thomas Dunn Sports Center. There will be a basketball game to enjoy and special surprises. She promises this year it will be “bigger and better.” For more information contact

Rapper @Pusha_T Marries To Longtime Girlfriend Ginny

Terrence Thornton and Virginia Joy Williams wed in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The small intimate wedding had celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Pharrell. Trey Songz, The Dream and Karen Civil were in attendance. Congratulations to these two on their nuptials. King & Queen Push Baby girl you different, when you’re not around it feels like something’s missing…and I know you keep it real. Never tell no lies. I know you heard what they say true love is hard to find. -Pusha T It looks like Pusha T found the love he was rapping about. Pusha T, 40 proposed to his longtime girlfriend Ginny, 29 yesterday. Just a little background on Virginia Williams…she is the daughter of a doctor. She’s from Virginia just like T. They are 11 years in. They’ve been dating since 2006. She is a fashion addict and T shares this love for fashion. Ginny has shares posts her newest Chanel, YSL, Celine and vehicle purchases with her 14K Instagram following. Other things they have in common are their love for crab, Norfolk, …